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VA - Prayer Is The Answer
(C-60) GONE

Colon On The Cob, Harvey Sid Fisher, Kingdom Scum, Masonna, Glen Meadmore, Five Starcle Men, Faxed Head, The Swingin' Unarians, Jannie Maureen, The Del Rubio Triplets, Bastard Noise, Harry Pussy, Kitten Sparkles (Don Bolles ex Germs), Evil Moisture, Frossie and The Unicorns, Punku Boi, Solmania, Pneumershonic, CIA Dry Ice System and Beyond Joy & Evil.
Cover art & liner notes by Henry Lee Lucas More detailed info> Discogs Review> Doll
VA - God Came Between Us
(CD) 1200 yen

Tiny Tim, Gregg Turkington (aka Neil Hamburger), Glen Meadmore, The 3 Nieces (Eugene Chadbourne, Don Bolles & Joseph Hammer), Silver Apples vs Tom Smith, Dave-iD Busaras (ex Virgin Prunes), William S. Burroughs, Surfers of Romantica, Destroy All Monsters, Culturcide, Raymond Scott, Anal Magic and Rev. Dwight Frizzell featuring Black Crack and The Sole Survivors, Totem Pole of Losers, The Dead C, Decaer Pinga, The Three Doctors, Christine 23 ONNA, Evil Moisture, Beyond Joy & Evil and T. Mikawa (from Incapacitants)

A compendium of psychedelic/electric/experimental/noise music from the late '60s to nowadays. Most of the tracks are previously unreleased. Ltd.500. More detailed info> Discogs Review> Doll
VA - Patchouli & Echoes
(dbl CD-R/Cardboard Package Edition) GONE

Tower Recordings, The Shadow Ring, Inca Eye Ball, Sun City Girls, Musica Transonic, The Beast People, Agog, Anti-Nephi-Lewis, Malta, Ashtray Navigations, Die Todliche Doris, Beautiful Music Company, Don Bolles, Space Machine, Gernols (Reynols plays Germs), Un, Universal Indians, Kitten Sparkles, Pork Queen, The Mini-Systems, Ron of Japan, Blowhole & Climax Golden Twins with Dave Knott, Points of Friction, (ex Cannibalism Gandhi Band), S*T*A*R etc
More detailed info> Discogs Review> Blastitude.com
VA - Dennis The Menace Buttflaps

GG Allin, Murder Junkies w/Jeff Clayton, Jad Fair, Harvey Sid Fisher,
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Total Fucking Destruction (ex Brutal Truth),
David Woodard, L.A.O., Smallgoodz, Bobby Fischer, Rich Hoak etc
Cover art by Mike Diana More detailed info> Discogs Review> Doll
Don Bolles - The Dirty Little Remix

47 min sound mix of psychedelic druggy heaven by DJ Don Bolles
- the drummer of Germs. Special guest appearance by Harry Pussy.
Pro-cdr. Ltd.100. Review> Doll

[Track 05]
Henry Lee Lucas - Forgive My Sin

His original drawing and confessional words (w15cm x h18cm)
printed on left chest. Camel body. Heavyweight cotton. Ltd.50.
Excepter - Obedience
(C-90) GONE

NYC zen haiku cosmic hippies helmed by ex NNCK JFR.
2 whole live sets. w/printed cover + numbered seal. Ltd.100.

[Nothing Special on WFMU.org]
Alejandro Jodorowsky - Psychomagic
(VCD) 1500 yen

His latest preaching shot live in San Francisco Nov 2004.
Location & Director of Cinematography by David Woodard
Cover art by Nick Bougas Playable on any PC or DVD player.
w/printed craft paper cover. Ltd.150.

[Audio Sample]
Davenport - Wulfcult Rising
(C-60) GONE

2 long smoky ragas played by the house band of YAHOWHA 23
Each copy numbered. Ltd.50.

Witcyst - Non Curstid
(CD-R) 1000 yen

Long running man of dada from New Zealand.
Pro-cdr. Full color artwork packaging. Ltd.100.

[Track 01]
The Punks - Live
(C-46) 700 yen

"The first in a series of live albums by the punks' new, jammed out line-up. File this cassette somewhere between your exploding plastic inevitable bootlegs and disc 3 of "1/2 gentlemen, not beasts." Released by the excellent 777 was 666 label in an edition of 100. There was a cd-r release of this on the punks' summer 2005 comics label, but that is already sold out. get this one while you still can! Hand colored covers were made during the punks historic coloring session of february 2006." - Kill Rock Stars

[Rock and Roll Punks Rock Rock and Roll]
VA - Hip Hop Shop Sweepers Vol.01

Blood Stereo, Alvarius B, Smegma, Sick Llama, Sic Alps, Robedoor,
Nautical Almanac, Charles Balls & Crank Sturgeon, Id M Theft Able,
Portland Bike Ensemble, Kawasome Yoshihiro, Witcyst, The Punks,
Porest, Sounds of North American Adult Bookstores, Glamorous Pat,
Maths Balance Volumes and Tsupoornu. Ltd.100.
More detailed info> Discogs
Pseudo Code VS Excepter - Pseudo Code VS Excepter
(3inch CD) 900 yen

Hypnotic Space Disco '80 model vs '00 model. Both band's tracks are previously unreleased and exlusive for this release.
Artwork by John Fell Ryan of Excepter.
This is a REAL CD, not a CDR. More detailed info> Discogs

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Filthy Social Club - Astral Turd
(C-23) GONE

Filthy Social Club is a collaboration project by UK drone/noise veteran Neil Campbell and shamanic hoo-hah man Darren Wyngarde aka Filthy Turd. Lots of hollering and some stupid rhythms. Psychodelic reggae vibe. Ltd.100.

[Edit Sample]
Aaron Dilloway - The Rope And The Dogs

"Necessary reissue of what was originally released as a limited to 8 copies 8-Track Cartridge. This is an amazing collection of Dillowayfs cartridge/loop/noise works that covers the breadth of his creations, running from massively murky traverses of nightmare tone and headhunter horns through what sounds like channelling voices of the dead, the sound of complete amplifier meltdown, stuttering feedback chorales, lurching proto-Wolf Eyes avant rock...all with that classic Dilloway grimy/cinematic efeelf. Pretty much the perfect Dillo primer in an edition of 100 copies and with new artwork by Malcy Duff of Usurper. Recommended." - Volcanic Tongue
More detailed info> Discogs Review> MuhMur
Sissy Spacek - Beat
(C-30) GONE

Recorded and mixed March 2009 by John Wiese in Brooklyn, NY
with source material from Sissy Spacek, Smegma and The Haters.
Artworks by Ju Suk Reet Meate (Smegma) Ltd.87.
More detailed info> Discogs
The Bohman Brothers & Blood Stereo - Live at Wiltons Music Hall
(CD) 1500 yen

"Blood Stereo and the Bohman Brothers are drunk on the deep avant-garde of Swedish sound poetry, the damaged asylum-wall scrapings of outsider improvisation and the disruptive strategies of the Dadaists. These performers headbutt avant-middlebrow complacency into next week with an exclusive Cut & Splice collaborative showdown that will see their arsenal of tabletop clutter augmented by radio receivers."

"Inspired and inspiring collaboration between English weirdo eimprovisersf The Bohman Brothers and Scottish weirdo eimprovisersf Blood Stereo aka Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance. Recorded live in London in November 2010 this is a beautiful traverse of pointillist small instrument confusion with violins, loops, tapes, springs, vocals, wine glasses and radio receivers conjuring form from straight out of the air. The use of the receivers in particular adds a fuzzy nocturnal/psychedelic muzz to the proceedings while the logic of the jams follows an eccentric arc that really sounds like little else in eimprovised musicf. An inspired hook-up between a bunch of genuinely eccentric and creative fringe artists. Comes packaged in a DVD-style case with three photo prints inside. Edition of 100 copies. Recommended." - Volcanic Tongue More detailed info> Discogs
Kommissar Hjuler - Konkrete Poesie
(C-46) GONE

German Fluxus, Neo-Dada artist Kommissar Hjuler's first Japanese release. Earsplitting lecture on sound poetry and spoken word/cut up weirdness. Limited to 30 copies.

"Kommissar Hjuler (born Detlev Hjuler in 1967) works as a sound recordist in the field of Noise and Post-industrial music, visual artist, film maker and police officer at Flensburg, a town on the German border with Denmark. He often works together with his wife Mama Baer as Kommissar Hjuler und Frau. As self-taught artist he began making music in 1999 and visual art in 2006. He is considered to work in the field of neo dada, whereas his output also contains elements of fluxus, art brut." - Wikipedia

Psycodrama - Live at the Asylum
(CD-R) 1200 yen

The very first and rare live audio release by Nazi Scum ZZ Top, PSYCODRAMA featuring Ms. Lisa Carver. Also includes 2 unreleased tracks by SUCKDOG. America is Homosexual. Pro-CDR housed in a printed cardboard sleeve. Comes with artwork insert. Limited to 100 copies.


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VA - Found Secret

Rick Potts, The New Blockaders, Smegma, Aaron Dilloway, Yeast Culture, Yellowhouse, Spoils & Relics, Dylan Nyoukis, T. Mikawa, Hair Stylistics, The Custodians Of The Realm, John Wiese, Altar Of Flies, Karen Constance and Marc Hurtado (Etant Donnes)

The final compilation release from Beast 666 Tapes / 777 was 666.
Mastered by Lily Vice at Sacred Lust Studio. Limited to 300 copies.
More detailed info> Discogs Review> Wire #381, radio free midwich

"This compilation, in my opinion is one of the best ever and I am so happy to be a part of it." - Ju Suk Reet Meate (Smegma)

"Sounds incredible!!!" - Mark Schomburg (Yeast Culture)

Try> Tedium House (USA), Midheaven (USA), Los Apson? (JAPAN),
Lust Vessel (JAPAN), Art into Life (JAPAN), nice shop su (JAPAN),
Metamkine (FRANCE), Tordon Ljud (SWEDEN), Chocolate Monk (UK), Mantile (UK)
D.D. Dobson - A Halo of Affectation
(C-33) 1300 yen

New materials recorded in 2015 by Jim Goodall (Debt Of Nature, Medicine, co-writer of WHITEHOUSE's "Lightning Struck My Dick" included on Halogen). Technician and Production by Brad Laner (Medicine). Mastered by Phil Julian. Pro-dubbed. Limited to 100 copies.


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Hideo Nomo - Dire aging
(C-33) 1100 yen

Ambient blurred music by Mike Collino & Knox Mitchell.
Artwork by Darksmith. Pro-dubbed. Limited to 100 copies.

Try> Careful Catalog, LOS APSON?
Kitten Sparkles - The Fantstic World of Kitten Sparkles
(CD) 2000 yen

The very first CD by Kitten Sparkles, the solo noise and light explosion of Don Bolles (ex GERMS). Track 1, 5: Recorded by Don Bolles and Joseph Hammer (LAFMS). Track 2, 3, 4: Recorded by Don Bolles and a Hallicrafters shortwave radio in 1980. No effects or processing was used. Pink Jewel Case. Limited to 200 copies. More detailed info> Discogs


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Lieutenant Murnau & Oxidized Man - Ut Fona Res
(C-46) 1400 yen

Authorized reissue of the collaboration work by Lieutenant Murnau (Vittore Baroni) & Oxidized Man (Daniele Ciullini), that had been out of print for decades. Originally released on Ciullinifs label in 1982, limited in circulation to a few tens of copies. Newly written liner notes by Vittore Baroni & Daniele Ciullini. Pro-dubbed. Limited to 80 copies. More detailed info> Discogs
GG Allin - Watch Me Kill
(7inch EP) 1000 yen

Japanese brutal raw mix edition.
500 copies made when 777 was 666.
Cover art by Trevor Brown

[Watch Me Kill]
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