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Pseudo Code is a Belgian industrial band, active from 1979 - 1982. Their mastermind Alain Neffe is also founder of Insane Music (Trazegnies, Belgium), one of the first great underground tape labels in europe. Guy-Marc Hinant is one of the two guys who made the label "Sub Rosa". Xavier S has a radio show on the Belgian national radio.

"We play potlatch music which is emotional music, or more accurately emotional sounds, because we are not musicians."

Insane Music Official Site
Excepter is a six-member improvisational electronic and vocal group based in NYC. Founded in 2002 with the stated intent to use the tools of dance music towards esoteric ends, Excepter was behind many of the classic recordings associated with the 00's "Brooklyn Noise" phenomenon.

The Excepter live experience remains an unpredictable, mystifying affair - always singular, never the same show twice.

Excepter Official Site
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